Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cisco Aironet 1130AG dan Cisco WLC

Cisco LWAP and Autonomous Access Point.

There are two type of cisco wireless, Autonomous Access Point and Lightweight Access Point (LWAP) .Wireless Autonomous Access Point is the same like common Access Point on the other hand Lightweight Access Point only must be pair with Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC).

Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC) can be called the server dan Lightweight AP is the client.

Below are some tips before you start to use Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC) :

1. Make sure the image OS of the AP that you want to syncron to WLC is LWAP not Autonomous.
2. AP and WLC must be in subnet or in the same VLAN.

To update the IOS from Autonomous to LWAP we can go through Web GUI Access Pointnya.